1000 word business report

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1000 word business report

The only difference with this template is the value for the star shape. The replication command is placed in the Web tab of the Format AutoShape dialog.

1000 word business report

In the for-each shape command we are using a command to create a "for The output from this template and the XML sample is shown in the following graphic: Grouped Shape Example This example shows how to combine shapes into a group and have them react to the incoming data both individually and as a group.

Assume the following XML data: Do this by first creating the composite shape in Microsoft Word that you wish to manipulate. The following figure shows a composite shape made up of four components: The shape consists of three cylinders: These will represent the data elements software, hardware, and services.

The combined object also contains a rectangle that is enabled to receive text from the incoming data. The following commands are entered into the Web tab: The value is divided by to set the stretch or shrink factor. For example, if the value isdivide that by to get a factor of 2.

The shape will generate as twice its current height. The text-enabled rectangle contains the following command in its Web tab: All of these shapes were then grouped together and in the Web tab for the grouped object, the following syntax is added: The shape-offset command moves the next shape in the loop to the right by a specific number of pixels.

The expression position -1 sets the position of the object. Subsequent occurrences would be rendered at a pixel offset along the x-axis to the right.

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At runtime three sets of shapes will be rendered across the page as shown in the following figure: To make an even more visually representative report, these shapes can be superimposed onto a world map. Just use the "Order" dialog in Microsoft Word to layer the map behind the grouped shapes.

Microsoft Word Users: After you add the background map and overlay the shape group, use the Grouping dialog to make the entire composition one group. Using this option removes the need to do the final grouping of the map and shapes. We can now generate a visually appealing output for our report as seen in the following figure: General Features Large blocks of text Page breaks To insert a page break, insert a Ctrl-Enter keystroke just before the closing tag of a group.

For example if you want the template to start a new page for every Supplier in the Payables Invoice Register: Press Ctrl-Enter to insert a page break. At runtime each Supplier will start on a new page.

Using this Microsoft Word native feature will cause a single blank page to print at the end of your report output. To avoid this single blank page, use BI Publisher's page break alias. Page numbering Insert page numbers into your final report by using the page numbering methods of your word processing application.

For example, if you are using Microsoft Word: From the Insert menu, select Page Numbers Select the Position, Alignment, and Format as desired.

At runtime the page numbers will be displayed as selected. Hidden text You can format text as "hidden" in Microsoft Word and the hidden text will be maintained in RTF output reports. Alignment Use your word processor's alignment features to align text, graphics, objects, and tables.

Tables Nested Tables Cell Alignment You can align any object in your template using your word processing application's alignment tools. This alignment will be reflected in the final report output.

World Business Report Podcast. The latest business and finance news from around the world from the BBC. Updated: daily. Episodes available: 30 days. Subscribe. . Assignment - writing a report of words in Business Case Study PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! As the worker before didn't done the job i . Papers and Reports; Browse by Category Agendas Blank and General Brochures Business Cards Calendars Cards Flyers Inventories Invoices Labels Newsletters Photo Albums Resumes and Cover Letters Themes General report Word. Team report Word. Executive summary Word.

Row spanning and column spanning You can span both columns and rows in your template as follows: Select the cells you wish to merge. From the Table menu, select Merge Cells.The World Business Report Review of the Year.

A look back at the business stories that have shaped the world since ! Listen to the programmes.

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1000 word business report

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