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Belonging resist and scott

On the basis of previous conditions the formation and consolidation of the Lithuanian nation quickened and then was completed during this period. There was an intensive revival and development of Lithuania's historical traditions in accordance with modern European conditions.

At this time in Lithuania a social structure, typical of European nations, was formed, replete with inherent contradictions, but also with factors that stimulated its progress. The abolition of serfdom in and the insurrection of in Poland and Lithuania laid the foundation for this development.

Aside from the social and economic consequences these events are significant as an important Belonging resist and scott point in the history of Polish-Lithuanian relations.

Having enriched the Polish nation by some of its brightest minds writers, political figures and scholars and having given the Poles the higher strata of its society, the revived and developing Lithuanian nation began to separate itself from Polish life in all aspects.

There was now an energetic revival and development of indigenous Lithuanian cultural values whose rich origins lived and survived among the common people. The Lithuanian nation began to realize its own political goals and tasks which were not associated with the purpose of restoring old Polish statehood.

However, Lithuanian consciousness of this period grew not only through a confrontation with the Poles, but also in a struggle with Tsarism, since the Russians carried out a policy of Russification and religious anti-Catholic discrimination against the Lithuanians.

As a result of this process the Lithuanian nation emerged on the political and national map of the Russian Empire, separate from the Poles, and possessing a self-contained culture, distinctive customs and traditions, and speaking one of the oldest living Indo-European languages.

In reminding the world of its deep historical roots, the Lithuanians at the same time recalled the old Lithuanian state, which had reorganized anew the European East previously destroyed by the Mongol-Tatars, and had constructed a strong barrier against the invasion of destructive forces into the European heartland.

Previously, Russian and West European scholars had been interested in the Lithuanian language and its folk culture only in terms of building a monument to a dying culture 1 At the turn of the century Lithuania was seen as an increasingly important cultural and political factor in the Russian Empire.

The abolition of the ban on the Lithuanian press in greatly stimulated Lithuanian culture, while the Revolution of enhanced the struggle for Lithuanian autonomy. Gradually this struggle evolved into a battle for full independence which was finally attained in Thus, the period from to can be characterized as one during which the Lithuanian nation separated itself from Polish life, a period of its final formation and consolidation when Lithuanian culture was reborn.

At the same time this was when the Lithuanians' political struggle and the fight for independence began. This period is clearly divisible into two parts with the events of as the dividing line. The first period is marked by the separation from Polish culture, the appearance of higher social strata and influential national figures; also the emergence of a nationally conscious clerical and secular intelligentsia which strengthened the consolidation of the national spirit.

The second period is characterized by the struggle for autonomy which then developed into a struggle for the full independence of Lithuania.

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The Lithuanian question which had at first arisen only within the Russian political arena gradually acquired an international character until finally the world perceived the reborn Lithuanian state.

However, like all historical processes, Lithuania's rebirth did not progress smoothly. It was full of struggles and people's sacrifices and was related to complex historical phenomena which had arisen in Europe and the Russian Empire.

Some of these phenomena are analyzed below. The Fragmentation of the Lithuanian Lands It is important to remember that at this time the ethnographic territory of Lithuania was politically and economically fragmented.

Its various component parts are briefly described below. This region made up a part of the East Prussian Ostpreussen province of the Kingdom of Prussia called Litthauen which in itself was made up of four districts: During the Reformation Lutheran church services were conducted in Lithuanian and in the sixteenth century the Prussian authorities began to translate their decrees into the peasants' idiom.

Thus, the Lithuanian language came into public use here considerably earlier than in other parts of Lithuania.

Belonging resist and scott

This was also the birthplace of Lithuania's great epic poet Kristijonas Donelaitis This process was greatly accelerated after the emergence of Otto von Bismarck as Prussia's First Minister and later as Chancellor of Germany The search for uniformity led to a policy of Germanization in the non-German regions of the Empire, including the Lithuanian areas of East Prussia.

The Lithuanian language was gradually eliminated from the schools and in German was made the sole official state language. Thus, the Lithuanian language was eliminated from public life and now confined to some churches.

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Belonging resist and scott

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