Difficulties interracial couples experience

I was first annoyed, but then offended. As opposed to…well, obviously, my boyfriend. Marriages classified as interracial have more than tripled sinceand last year, NPR reported that one in ten opposite-sex marriages are between people who identify with different races. Even though the prevalence of interracial relationships is on the rise, being in one still brings with it a certain set of experiences.

Difficulties interracial couples experience

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Difficulties Interracial Couples Experience I see interracial couples all the time facing unique struggles and lacking support from family, friends and multiple others.

Having knowledge of the reasoning behind this lack of acceptance will help one form a greater understanding that may enable an individual to adjust the judgmental difficulties that they are faced with in an interracial union. The interactions with people that mixed couples experience can be viewed as symbolic interactions because the gestures and words that are interpreted often in negative ways can contribute to the difficulties faced.

Different countries experience a greater degree of struggles than others. Since Canada is a multicultural country, one might assume that interracial couples would be more accepted and faced with less racial struggles.

Difficulties interracial couples experience

Unfortunately, that is not the case; couples are still ridiculed. A mere fifty years earlier, the thought of a mixed union was a taboo. During the era of segregation, a mixed union between an African Canadian and a Caucasian person was unthinkable.

The federal government in Canada has a history of polices that have attempted to separate races from joining in relationships. Though, as generations become more educated they re likely to be more opened minded. The history of views on interracial relationships has contributed to the lacking acceptance experienced in present day.

There is no one definitive answer as to why there is hatred toward mixed unions, what does exist in the scholar world are a few general statements that provide some understanding. Most Of the problems that interracial couples face relate to racism, discrimination and prejudice.

Bridge News, This generation is commonly the population participating in interracial unions and they are often more accepting. Stereotypes about different races can also influence the views that a parent could have regarding an interracial union that their child is apart of.

Parents are non-accepting when such perceived stereotypes are negative. Mills at Vanderbilt University did an investigation Of a group with undergraduates on the receptions of family acceptance concerning interracial relationships. This is more evidence that parental disapproval is a common difficulty that mixed couples endure.

It is a form of protection almost. Another common issue in mixed unions is the joining of different religions and different cultures.

Some religions pacifically disagree with marrying outside of the said religion. More generally couples run into issues such as dietary restrictions. As an example, practicing Muslims do not eat pork and all of their meat must be hall.

Different religions lead to different holidays, which can keep couples wondering which traditions they Will pass onto their kids. Interracial couples are ridiculed often because of the difficulties they will pass onto their children.

Some mixed couples decide not to have children because they do not want their children to go through the things they have experienced and to avoid the difficult decisions of which traditions to pass forward. This is another contributor to why individuals do not accept interracial couples and it is also a difficulty regarding important decisions that mixed couples must make.

A lot of research regarding interracial couples reveals that such couples face difficulties that are often due to family opinions.

People Will Assume It is a Fetish

There are multiple reasons why families, specifically parents, do not accept mixed unions. When parents have negative views on mixed relationships, it places a burden upon children participating in such relationships.

It is true that other factors such as religious and culture differences, give difficult problems to mixed couples as well; such factors are not always as detrimental because they are outweighed by the benefits they receive in the relationship.

Research on mixed relationships also revealed any unknown benefits of these relationships.Interracial marriage is more than an ethical discussion. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on the internet, interracial couple is a romantic couple or marriage in which the partners are of different races.

The answer, if differences affect in multiracial couples is positive. There is a continuous debate among spouses related to the most serious issues of individual religion. 10 Pitfalls About Interracial Relationships. December 27, But many people do. Thankfully, in my experience, most families are at least quietly tolerant of interracial relationships.

They may not like it, but most parents aren’t disowning their children over it.

Difficulties interracial couples experience

Other Interracial Couples. Now this is an interesting (and surprising. Interracial couples are ridiculed often because of the difficulties they will pass onto their children. “In October , a Louisiana Justice of Peace refused to perform a marriage for a mixed-race couple because he was concerned with the rejection and confusion their hillier would experience growing up” (Curry, ).

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