How to write a catholic mission statement

Yes that is what I am doing. My words go forth by every possible means. So, why do I shout from the housetops?

How to write a catholic mission statement

Now as baptism has always been held as the door of the Church and the necessary condition for the reception of any other sacramentit follows that the Apostles must have received Christian baptism before the Last Supper.

This argument is used by St. Augustine Epistle 44 and certainly seems valid.

how to write a catholic mission statement

To suppose that the first pastors of the Church received the other sacraments by dispensationbefore they had received baptism, is an opinion with no foundation in Scripture or Tradition and devoid of verisimilitude. The Scriptures nowhere state that Christ Himself conferred baptism, but an ancient tradition NicephorusHist.

Matter and form of the sacrament Matter In all sacraments we treat of the matter and the form. It is also usual to distinguish the remote matter and the proximate matter. In the case of baptism, the remote matter is natural and true water. We shall consider this aspect of the question first.

In addition to the authorities already cited, we may also mention the Fourth Council of the Lateran c. Such were the Gaians, ManichiansSeleuciansand Hermians. Some of the sixteenth century reformerswhile accepting water as the ordinary matter of this sacramentdeclared that when water could not be had, any liquid could be used in its place.

It was in consequence of this teaching that certain of the Tridentine canons were framed. Calvin held that the water used in baptism was simply symbolic of the Blood of Christ Instit. As a rule, however, those sects which believe in baptism at the present timerecognize water as the necessary matter of the sacrament.

Scripture is so positive in its statements as to the use of true and natural water for baptism that it is difficult to see why it should ever be called in question.

Not only have we the explicit words of Christ John 3: Paul there are passages that preclude any metaphorical interpretation. Peter says "Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized?

See, here is water: Tertullian On Baptism 1 begins his treatise: Justin Martyr First Apology, Chapter 1 describes the ceremony of baptism and declares: Then they are led by us to where there is water. Augustine positively declares that there is no baptism without water Tractate 15 on the Gospel of John.

The remote matter of baptism, then, is water, and this taken in its usual meaning.

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Theologians tell us consequently that what men would ordinarily declare water is valid baptismal material, whether it be water of the sea, or fountain, or well, or marsh; whether it be clear or turbid; fresh or salty; hot or cold; colored or uncolored.

Water derived from melted ice, snow, or hail is also valid. If, however, ice, snow, or hail be not melted, they do not come under the designation water. Dew, sulfur or mineral water, and that which is derived from steam are also valid matter for this sacrament. As to a mixture of water and some other material, it is held as proper matterprovided the water certainly predominates and the mixture would still be called water.The answer depends on whether or not the mission statement you compose has significant meaning to you, or is just another corporate exercise in futility.

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how to write a catholic mission statement

Four Parts: Sample Mission Statements Brainstorming Crafting the Statement Finalizing the Statement Community 91%(18).

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