How to write a good comment for a supervisor

So why are performance reviews the most hated ritual in business? She says that one of her most painful professional moments came from a performance review early in her career: Her boss rated her a four on a five-point scale. She confronted her boss:

How to write a good comment for a supervisor

June 12, by Sandrine Bardot 2 Comments As we approach mid-year, many companies have put in place a mid-year review for checking on progress against goals etc. So here are the tips: Focus on your achievements An effective employee self assessment should obviously pinpoint your accomplishments.

Review your goals and objectives, and highlight the projects that you achieved most successfully — and those that are well on track.

This is a good way of demonstrating to your manager that you have been a consistent achiever and that you bring value to the organization throughout the year.

How do you write supervisor's comment on employee performance appraisal

Think in the same way as a business owner would, and attract attention to the financials. This section of your employee self assessment should stress your impact on growing revenues or controlling costs.

It is your chance to remind your manager, and the company, of the positive impact that you bring to the survival of the organization. A subtle way to get a bit more consideration in these times of economic duress and headcount reductions… Then, establish your achievements in new areas of responsibility.

This is usually in the form projects you worked on, whether how to write a good comment for a supervisor a leader or a team member.

how to write a good comment for a supervisor

Or maybe you replaced a colleague for an extended period of time, or you went through further education and received a certification in a new field. This will manifest that you are able to grow your skills and are willing to take on new challenges.

Finally, based on your job description, determine your realizations in your on-going areas of responsibility. Click To Tweet Assess your weaknesses Now — a credible employee self assessment requires to be honest and candid, and take a long, hard look at the things you did not accomplish so well.

They can be related to your objectives, to your current and standard role attributes, or to behaviours feedback from your peers and customers is useful for identifying these.

Identify reasons that may help you to understand why you did not perform at the expected level. Find an example of how you approached each area for improvement. You may also prepare some proposals for you to tackle the issue, ready for discussion when your manager will mention it during your appraisal meeting.

By acknowledging this sensitive area in your employee self assessment, you will demonstrate to your manager that you are self-aware, able to handle constructive feedback, and dedicated to your professional growth.

A free tool If you struggle with identifying your strengths and weaknesses, or ideas how to address them, you may find this quick and easy free tool from Salary.

Then you are asked to rate your performance on a scale from 0 tofor each of these competencies. A detailed description is available for each competency, including questions you may want to consider in order to define your self assessment for that specific trait.

A graphic will then show up, displaying each competency as well as an overall performance rating. Your strongest areas, as per your perception, are then explained.

So are your areas for improvement, again as per your self perception. Each of these descriptions include some advice. An overview of next steps, and how you could use these results, concludes the exercise. Put it in writing Your employee self assessment is your opportunity to shine. Remember that you are in control of what you write, so it is up to you how the self-evaluation will be perceived.

Use a positive tone and do not use negative words. When you mention an area for improvement, always explain the steps you are taking or planning to take in order to increase your performance in that sphere.

Remember that this is a business tool. Do some number crunching, and extract data that demonstrates clearly the impact that your work has had on the company. Your boss will probably not do that for you, so it is up to you to quantify, as much as possible, your contribution to the business.

Focus on expressing your work as a series of accomplishments, not duties. Duties are boring, they describe a static situation and do not allow to characterize yourself as a good performer.

For example, compare the following sentences: OR… Provided timely and accurate financial reports, vs Identified several sources of errors in the reporting system, which led to more accurate report generation and will reduce the risk of inaccurate forecasting in future budget projections See?

Even if your role is not directly impacting the company bottom line, you can find a way to quantify your results and showcase the positive effect your work has on the organizational success. Final comments Once your review of the past is finished, you will want to include some comments and suggestions about the future.

If needed, propose some amendments to your goals for the remainder of the year.At the end of the evaluation period, make a determination of the extent to which the Manager/Supervisor met the Competency standards for each category.

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Enter a numeric score for each category, using the Ratings Guidelines below. A good resume should start out with a strong career objective. In this section, the hiring manager will quickly glance over what you’ve written to determine if you are a relevant candidate. If you have any other questions about how to write a project manager resume, please ask in the comment section below.

how to write a good comment for a supervisor

Share "Project Manager. Good Performance () - Students performing within this range are meeting and, in some instances, exceeding the performance expectations in respect to output, quality standards, and delivery of goals and/or assignments.

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Give meaningful feedback on employee performance -- without creating legal problems. It is also a good idea to have a policy on employee discipline in your company’s employee Listen carefully to your worker's comments and ask the worker to write them down on the evaluation form.

Take notes on the. Writing a Recommendation for Promotion Regardless of whether or not your company has a formal way to go about the promotion process, it is always advisable to write a letter that serves as your formal recommendation of promotion to HR and your own boss, and cites reasons why the employee is deserving of promotion.

How to Give Good Feedback Next the manager should ask the employee to write down brief answers to the same questions.

The comparisons, Tulgan says, make for interesting reading.

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