Respected headmaster

After a busy start of the school year in August, and event-packed September, who can remember the summer as October begins?

Respected headmaster

All management was taken over by Singapore Institution trustees. Within a short four years, enrolment at the Singapore Institution grew to students, with most of its students in the English section.

Moor developed and made the fledgling school find its footing. He was a zealous and Respected headmaster teacher who gave the best years of his life to the pioneer work of the Singapore Institution.

JC Smith By all accounts, things went reasonably well under Smith. There was also a Chinese school section in the Singapore Institution teaching in Hokkien and Teochew.

However, the problem of inadequate funds continued to plague the trustees. The building was too large and not fully utilised due to low enrolment. It is believed that Smith was a very popular person. However, his services to the school were not cherished and his guidance of the institution did not prove satisfactory to the school committee.

Respected headmaster

Nevertheless, he was still a respected man in Singapore in that era, and many attended his send-off. Rev WB Wright These were hard times because the school was in a poor financial position as the enrolment was low. At that time, the school was not in a populated part of town.

There was also a termite problem. Furthermore, the institution started to falter as Wright also ran a more exclusive private school in the same building.

Respected headmaster

The private school charged higher fees and had smaller classes. This sullied the reputation of the institution. Whether the criticisms caused Wright to resign or whether he was relieved is unknown. Nevertheless, Singapore Institution excelled in penmanship and the upper classes of the school did well.

Hallam News » New Headmaster for Mount St Mary’s College Fiercely A superbly crafted, highly suspenseful, and deeply affecting debut novel about one man's loyalty to his country, his family and his heritage Percival Chen is the headmaster of the most respected English academy in s Saigon, and he is well accustomed to bribing a forever-changing list of government officials in order to maintain the elite status of his school.
Step-dad rapist jailed 45 years Karunkalikuppam Straight forward, hard working, duty bound and dedicated personality. Highly respectable by the people of the village.
·Sammy Tay remembers the international icon A well-known and respected school leader within the Catholic education sector in Ireland, Dr Cuddihy comes to Spinkhill with more than 20 years of experience in education. In his six years as Headmaster he has made a significant contribution not only to his own school but to the education mission of the Irish Jesuit province.
respect for life Archives - Archmere Academy: Headmaster's Blog He deserves to be thrashed.

He transformed the Institution from a school providing only primary education to an educational establishment that offered a dazzling array of subjects.

Among them were reading, writing, spelling, dictation, composition, grammar, history, sacred history, geography, algebra, astronomy, chronology, natural science, philosophy, trigonometry and the use of globes.

In his final year at the School, Bayley introduced a system of Pupil Teachers under which two senior pupils were personally bonded as apprentices to the Headmaster for three years.

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Hullett also became Inspector of Schools and then the first Director of Education in while still holding onto his Principalship of RI. By the time he retired inR. Hullett had been Principal of RI for 36 years — the longest tenure of any person in this office to date.

CM Philips Charles McGowan Phillips assumed the post of Acting Principal in and ran the school for the next 18 years before retiring in The headmaster, Mr James Chamanwa must be regretting beating the male student for not tucking-in his shirt after irate pupils damaged his vehicle before forcing him out of the school premises while chanting revolutionary songs.

We only want the school space to be respected.


Everyone wants to be respected. Here are 7 actions that make those who truly deserve our respect stand out from the pack. A well-liked and much respected Headmaster, Patrick Lee-Browne left Rydal Penrhos in December and took up the post of Principal at Kent College Dubai soon afterwards.

His successor, Simon Smith came from Haileybury College, and took up his post in January Spinkhill’s Mount St Mary’s College will be welcoming a new face next term with the arrival of new Headmaster, Dr Nicholas Cuddihy.

A well-known and respected school leader within the Catholic education sector in Ireland, Dr Cuddihy comes to Spinkhill . Harry left the personal office of the Headmaster with a sense of amusement that Dumbledore missed the real prize.

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Then again, while he respected the headmaster to a point, the man had been far too manipulative for his tastes. Harry was halfway to the dorms when an idea occurred to him.

A diminutive boy in a page's uniform scurries past you, passes a slip of paper to Headmaster Grimsly, and then scurries away once more.

A powerful sense of misgiving fills your breast as the headmaster unfolds it, and looks upon its ink-inscribed innards.

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