Rockstar games caught in their own vice

Liberty City Stories was proof that even on a portable console, you can think big and pull off something nobody expected was possible? It certainly didn't equal the high-quality offerings on a home system, but for PSP

Rockstar games caught in their own vice

Ken Rosenberg has been harbouring a crush on his boss Tommy Vercetti for the better part of a year. What will happen when he comes over to Ken's offices one night, wishing to thank him? All characters and settings are property of Rockstar Games and not me. Hey guys- this is my first Vice City fic, which I started writing since Rockstar games caught in their own vice began playing the 10 anniversary edition of Vice City and found that this tag was a bit dead.

I personally think there needs to be more of this pair so I hope you enjoy it! Ken Rosenberg stared down at the papers in front of him, trying to read the fine print in amidst the harsh lighting of his lamp, which illuminated a dark room. He'd stayed back at his offices, offering to look over the new business proposal of Tommy's latest acquisition; a multiplex movie theatre only just recently built Downtown.

The time read 1: Sure he was raking in the dollars made from Closer Encounters, but he still had higher aspirations for his businesses to make them bigger and better- he could show InterGlobal movies as well as the same old Solomon Richards classics he was entranced with as a kid as well as turn over a quick buck or two.

Tommy seemed pretty convinced that this was the right thing to do. Ken wasn't focussing on Tommy's cinematic dreams however. The rolodex calendar on his desk read 'April ', forcing him to face up to a realisation that made his stomach sink- he'd been in love with his friend and boss for almost a year.

He couldn't help it- so many times he'd tried to enjoy the women Tommy had offered as a token of his appreciation, never having the heart to tell him that it wasn't women that he was interested in He remembered meeting him at the entrance of Escobar International, carrying himself with a cocksure Liberty City swagger that came with being a part of the family up north with the soon-to-be-executed Harry and Lee following close behind.

He was shaking like a leaf over just how fucking good the man looked, even in just jeans and a blue Hawaiian shirt straight out of with his slicked back hair, the way he stood up and looked you right in the eye as well as that cocky attitude It was hopeless however.

The deal was an ambush and Tommy became obsessive over finding the men that had taken his cocaine; Ken knew the best way to help and be near him was to aid him in any and every way he could, which is why he introduced him to Avery Carrington and the Colonel.

He regretted sending him to the Colonel's party after he'd seen how Mercedes Cortez would hang off and shamelessly flirt with Tommy He was there in the good times, the bad and the downright shitty.

He was there when Tommy had shot Diaz, Sonny and Lance down when all three were at the very top of their own deceitful game.

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He'd taken a criminal empire away from the families in Liberty and brought it all down south to Vice, all his for the taking.

He'd done it all and Ken had fallen hopelessly in love with him. In a way, Tommy was everything Ken wasn't- strong, confident, assertive and ready to kick arse and take names whenever anyone stood in his way.

Rockstar games caught in their own vice

Ken struggled to get out of bed in the morning without some kind of neurotic episode. Even if Tommy did veer away from his love of women for five seconds, Ken wasn't the kind of guy he'd go for. Men like Tommy Vercetti never settle for anything less than the best and because Ken was far from it, he knew he was screwed in the way he didn't want to be screwed.

All he could really do was sit in his office, hunched over the movie theatre's business proposal and attempt to read it until he passed out and forgot the lonely condition he was in.

His eyes hurt from the amount of time he'd spent just staring at the paper, thinking of Tommy- he was probably at the Malibu right now, drinking with women who'd have his cock down their throats once they'd left the building.

So many nights had passed where Ken would jerk himself off to thoughts of what Tommy would be like in bed- would he be the kind that would be gentle but dominant or did he have a taste for hair-pulling, dirty-talking, arse-slapping rough sex?

Would he be the kind to flip a person around, grip their hips and pull them onto his dick or would he position himself firmly between their legs, wanting to see every muscle in their face contort with pleasure?

The man was a flat out mystery and all it did was send a curious longing to Ken's loins whenever he wondered what he'd feel like in bed. Alas, it was hopeless- Ken knew Tommy was his own man and entitled to do whatever and fuck whomever he pleased but still, it wasn't a pleasant thought knowing that the guy you'd pined for for ages didn't share the same enthusiasm as you did for them.

He opened his desk drawer, searching for the bottle of gin and bag of coke he kept in there for nights when it just got that little bit too much- both were depressingly empty, meaning he couldn't even drink or snort his sorrows away until a more worthwhile distraction presented itself.

Shit, he really needed more coke too Suddenly, the door swung open with a bang, making Ken's heart stop and his mind go into panic mode- when he aligned himself with Tommy, he'd made himself an enemy to the Forelli family, especially since Sonny went down. His mind played through a horrible scenario where two Forelli hitters would burst in, pumping him full of bullets and leave him to take his last breath of life on the expensive leather seat that came as a side effect of being paid by the mob.

Thankfully however, he saw a familiar head of black, slicked back hair and a comforting smirk. A heart attack's a luxury for guys involved with the families. They both remembered what happened last time Tommy had lost money on a serious investment; it'd been a year since it happened too. Beat eight shades of shit out of him myself.

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Ken couldn't help images of girls grinding up against the boss' leg in that garish pink lighting flooding into his mind. They'd stink of booze, cigarettes and desperation, probably living out of some rathole in Little Haiti or Vice Point and needing to pay the bills or a dealer."The Naked City" Vice Case Julia Randall, a stunning young fashion model with the world at her feet, is found dead, floating in her own bathtub.

To the Homicide Squad it looks like a textbook society suicide - a glamorous life come to a nasty end - but coroner Malcolm Carruthers remains unconvinced.

Like usual, Rockstar is keeping many things secret about GTA: Vice City Stories, hoping to milk it for as long as they possibly can.

Thus, we know nothing about the multiplayer types, though one. Martin Serious is a LEGEND!

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Nobody out there’s doing edgier stuff than him. That day they had the blind retarded midget trying to hit the piñata which was really an illegal immigrant strung up, I laughed so hard I came a little.

Rockstars biggest hits: Clockwise from above, Grand Theft Auto V , Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption Photo: Courtesy of Rock More Rockstars biggest hits: Clockwise from above, Grand Theft Auto V , Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption Photo: Courtesy of Rockstar Games. Chapter 3 Rockstar - Caught in Its Own Vice In Oakland, California, police arrest a gang of teens who now face charges for five homicides, several carjackings, and a slew of armed robberies%(1).

Julia Randall, a stunning young fashion model with the world at her feet, is found dead, floating in her own bathtub. "A Slip Of The Tongue" Traffic Case When a suspect caught behind the wheel of a stolen car claims to have bought the vehicle fair and square, Detectives Phelps and Bekowsky are unimpressed.

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