The perks of dynamic stretching

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The perks of dynamic stretching

Hold this position while you raise and lower the right arm. Continue for a few reps, then repeat on the opposite side.

Face the head forward then drop the chin to the chest, roll the head to the right, then face the chin upwards towards the ceiling, then over to the left, then back to center and repeat in the opposite direction.

Lift the chin and move it towards your right shoulder, then bring it across the chest and to your left shoulder in a diagonal movement. Repeat on the opposite side.

Bring your right arm up and place your hand over the top of your head. Gently pull the head over towards the right shoulder, then release and repeat for a few reps. Continue on the opposite side to complete. You can press into this stretch gently by pressing on the back of the head or the chin.

Lift and lower the head for a few reps and be sure not to force the stretch. Bring both arms up to where they are parallel to the floor and out to your sides. Swing the arms in as if you are giving yourself a big hug, then quickly swing them outward and squeeze the shoulder blades together.

Grip the stick with your palms facing down and arms out in front of you. Raise the arms up over the head while keeping the shoulders down. Keep going up and over the head, reaching behind you till you get to your lower back or as low as you can go without pain.

Reach and grab a sturdy object such as a door frame or pole behind you with the left hand. Rotate the torso to the right and then back again.

12 Crucial Dynamic Warm Up Exercises (Pre-Workout Must)

Repeat for a few reps and switch to the opposite side. Raise both arms straight up, over the head, and down behind you to complete a circle. Keep this motion going for a few reps, then switch directions. Be sure to keep the arms straight the entire time. Reach the right arm over head and grasp a sturdy object such as a door frame.

Keep the forearm parallel to the floor, the grip tight, and move your body forward till you feel a stretch in the armpit area then return and keep going for a few reps.

Swing both straight arms back and then immediately upwards and overhead. As you come to the top of your swing, arch the back till you feel a stretch along the center.

Repeat for about 30 seconds.

The perks of dynamic stretching

Clasp the fingers of both hands together and extend the arms out parallel to the floor. Plant your feet and begin to twist the torso from side to side in one smooth motion. Be sure to keep the shoulders down. Place the hands on the tops of the thighs and arch the back as if you are trying to stick your belly out, then pull the belly inward and round the back.

Keep repeating these steps in one smooth motion for up to 30 seconds or more. Keep the back straight, and head facing forward. Bring one straight arm over head, then the opposite arm simultaneously.

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What Is Dynamic Stretching? Dynamic stretching is a form of active movement that isn’t about holding a stretch but rather taking your body through ranges of motion that will better prepare you for your workout or sporting activity. Static stretching is the opposite. It’s where you hold a stretch for an extended period of time.

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Learn how to use this COMPLETE list of dynamic stretching exercises to build a full body stretch routine and increase flexibility.

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Dynamic Stretching Dynamic stretching consists of functional based exercises which use sport specific movements to prepare the body for movement. Dynamic flexibility has been used successfully by trainers and coaches to increase flexibility and possibly lower the incidence of injury.

Dynamic stretching involves actively moving a muscle through a range of motion several times. This type of stretching has become increasingly popular among athletic teams because it moves the muscle in the same manner as it is used during athletic activity.

Dynamic Stretching