The successes of lance armstrong and his influence in the world of sports

He was disqualified from first place. Runner-up Felice Gimondi was declared the winner.

The successes of lance armstrong and his influence in the world of sports

He has tweeted about the speculation around current Tour leader Chris Froomeand has been riding along some of the Tour de France stage routes on a charity ride.

Let me say from the outset that I abhor doping in cycling. My writing on the issue should make that clear. Nevertheless, I feel it is an interesting question and discussion point, and worthy of some consideration.

A related question of course is, will Lance Armstrong ever be forgiven by the world of cycling? From the support he gets on social media and in other public settings, it seems a great many cycling fans and people generally have already forgiven him.

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But will the sport of cycling ever do so? There is something about the culture of cycling that continues to tolerate and celebrate past cheats and dopers.

Evidence of this can be seen in the long list of past dopers and Tour de France riders who have either tested positive, confessed to doping, missed doping controls, or received sanctions; and yet have been forgiven or celebrated in the sport in some way.

The successes of lance armstrong and his influence in the world of sports

Consider the following names, and how they are regarded today: Need I go on? Regardless of what you might say about the above individual cases, the conditions around certain cyclists being accepted back into the fold are worth thinking about.

Why are some people forgiven, but not others? Is it due to timing, personality, or strategy or something else?


The Lance Armstrong case is different in nature and magnitude, sure. The popular view seems to be that he was the worst doper of all time. And he did other distasteful things along the way too. But, would our assessment of Armstrong be different if we tallied the positives from his time, or applied a cost-benefit type analysis to his career?

Even the most ardent critic of Armstrong would have to agree that his impact on cycling and the cancer community was positive and significant in terms of profile raising, motivation and inspiration, and economic returns through uptake of cycling, sales of bikes and equipment, and fundraising.

How would we even begin to assess that? But the above equation does help to make an interesting point. Even without knowing the exact figures to plug into such an equation, I think it is reasonable to assume that the net impact of Lance Armstrong has been positive in dollar terms.

It also seems possible to me that if Armstrong were a drug, an active living, or public health intervention of some type, his effect size would probably be huge. This could be measured say by impact on cycling participation, or related quality adjusted life year QALY indicators, or even the health improvements for the cohort who started cycling because of him i.

Of course, these are just hypotheses. I could be wrong. He is not going away. But what are we to say of all the good Armstrong did for the profile of cycling and cancer research?Apr 20,  · WASHINGTON — Lance Armstrong just avoided a trial that could have ended with his financial ruin.

He reached a settlement of $5 million, the amount his lawyers offered the federal government. During his first retirement, Armstrong focused on the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which supports people affected by cancer, and on other interests.

He was the pace car driver of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 for the Indianapolis Aug 24,  · Lance Armstrong; A numbered, limited edition print signed in thin silver paint pen by 7 time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong.

The successes of lance armstrong and his influence in the world of sports

The photograph is of Lance Armstrong on the fable Champs Elysees cobblestones in Paris, wearing the Tour de France victor’s Yellow Jersey. In , the sports world simply witnessed one of its premier athletes performing at his peak, an athlete who appears to be strengthening his position at the top of his sport, a position he seems destined to hold for as long as he chooses.

Watch video · Born on September 18, , in Plano, Texas, Lance Armstrong was raised by his mother, Linda, in the the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Armstrong was athletic from an early age. In LeMond was one of the first professional cyclists of note, and the only former Tour champion, to openly express doubts over the legitimacy of Lance Armstrong's three-consecutive Tour successes.

Has Lance Armstrong’s impact in cycling and beyond been a net positive?